Frank Uati






When Frank Uati saw his friends graduating from university with huge student debts and no guaranteed jobs, he knew he made the right choice to become an apprentice.

“I had nothing to lose but everything to gain. No fees, no student loan, no secret clauses. You earn while you learn and gain a qualification that’s internationally recognised. I’m 100% behind trades because I know they can provide a pathway to a great future.”

Frank is in the final stages of a four-year print apprenticeship with Philstic Labels in Auckland, a market leader of innovative print products and label technology.

“As an apprentice I’ve gained a lot of skills but the one that stands out above the rest is being independent. I’ve become more confident in the work I do and the decisions I make, and it’s helped me grow as an individual – and made me an awesome printer. I’ve been able to hone my craft and trust myself.

“I need to have a good eye for detail and make sure any work I produce is top quality and meets the client’s or customer’s specifications.”

“Printing is really challenging, it’s so much more than standing in front of a machine and pushing buttons. I learn something new every day and my workmates motivate me and push me along.”

Frank’s apprenticeship has allowed him to work across the business and gain a good understanding of how the company operates.

“Competenz has been with me every step of the way to make sure the apprenticeship isn’t too daunting. They want to see me succeed in my dream.”

Frank is sharing his story with young people at a series of school visits and Competenz #GetAMPT bootcamps.

He is due to complete his training at the end of 2018, and is excited to see where his new qualification takes him.

“Doing an apprenticeship has changed my life and my family’s. Trades is a great career option for everyone. With the skills that I have gained I know that the world is my oyster.”