Simon Ellis

PMP Group





When PMP Group Managing Director Simon Ellis joined the print industry as a cadet in 1979, technology was undergoing substantial change. “The way we produced newspapers had been the same for about 200 years but linotype machines were making way for computers. It was a huge transformation.” The pace of change only increased with the internet, and printing firms had to rethink their business models fast. But PMP, the country’s largest print and distribution company, has the competitive advantage of an extensive multi-layered network that supplies magazines to all retail outlets in New Zealand, catalogues to all letterboxes, and a full mail house operation for subscription services. Its premium service allows advertisers and publishers to better target customers and make continuous business improvements. “Print is a challenging space to operate in but we’re working smarter to lift the value of our service. A little less inking and a lot more thinking.” PMP works with Competenz to equip employees with the skills to tackle future challenges. There are currently ten apprentices in training and four employees working towards a Diploma in Print Management. They are an integral part of the business, which distributes 700 million retail catalogues, 60 million community newspapers and 45 million magazines each year. “As a cadet I was taught to be resilient, innovative and a risk-taker, and that’s the attitude you need in our business today. It’s tough but it’s exciting as we create new ways of doing business.”