Peter Pooran 

Stainless Design





When Peter Pooran took over as CEO at Stainless Design, the dairy industry had taken a global downturn and farmers had stopped spending. “We were facing a bit of headwind. So we had to identify the things that really drive our business and increase profitability.” Instead of monthly reflection, daily targets were set and progress was displayed at all times with visuals around the factory floor. “We could see how each team was doing and fix any problems before they compounded throughout the month. Moving to real-time was a powerful step-change. And it worked for us.” Stainless Design is an innovative leader in the metal processing industry that continually invests in developing its workforce. Employees learn on-the-job and gain qualifications developed and delivered by Competenz. “Our people are just as important as the technology and machinery we use,” Peter says. “Competenz supports our apprenticeship programme and ensures the qualifications stay up-to-date with our business needs.”