Māori and Pasifika engagement



An increase in dedicated staff has enabled us to reinvigorate our approach to Māori and Pasifika engagement in 2017. 

The former role of Māori and Pasifika Manager has been divided into two full-time roles, Pasifika Trades Careers Advisor and Maori Trades Careers Advisor, overseen by the National Manager for Career Development. 

Our goal is to grow the numbers of learners engaged in learning, and a new team structure has allowed us to increase our activity with polytechnics, church communities and iwi to encourage and support Māori and Pasifika people into trades and services.

Throughout 2017 we have actively sought opportunities to engage with Maori and Pasifika communities where they live, work and play.  

Externally, understanding cultural connectedness has been an important driver for Māori and Pasifika communities. 


Cultural competency 

A key focus for Competenz is ensuring all staff have the knowledge to engage effectively and genuinely with Māori and Pasifika learners, employers and organisations. 

In 2017 we introduced Competenz Cultural Competency training, a two-day programme of learning delivered by MIT. 



The workshops are held at Nga Kete Wānanga Marae and facilitated by bilingual Māori trainers with experience in New Zealand workplaces and educational institutes. Their expertise provides insight into engaging with a diverse rangers of learners and employers within a New Zealand context.

Over two days staff are introduced to tikanga – Māori customary practises, behaviours and values that guide how to treat all people with respect and courtesy according to tradition. It’s also an introduction to the Māori language, so staff have the knowledge and confidence to use basic Te Reo. 


Learning outcomes 

  • Have a broader understanding of Māori etiquette and personal engagement in a marae setting 
  • Be able to pronounce Māori correctly and use Māori greetings and keywords formally and informally 
  • Recite a personal pēpeha confidently 
  • To confidently communicate and put into practice Māori values in the Competenz mission 
  • To establish a firm pathway for further personal and professional development in Te Reo and tikanga. 


Twenty customer-facing staff members completed a pilot workshop in August 2017 and a further 40 are expected to complete the training in 2018.