Sector engagement



The Sector Engagement team was formed in 2017 and a comprehensive new strategy developed to work with key influencers across all of our industries.

Led by a National Manager for Sector Engagement with two Sector Managers, the team is focused on promoting whole-of-workforce development and life-long learning. The team act as workforce development advisors and work collaboratively with sector groups to ensure consistent and collaborative messages are shared.

Engagement led by Competenz included regular meetings with industry influencers, direct communications and facilitated forums such as Sector Advisory Groups. We have also ensured we are included in engagement activities led by industry – governance meetings, industry publications and conferences.

These rejuvenated partnerships have allowed us to gain industry insights and truly understand what our sectors need in terms of training solutions and workforce development, now and in the future.

Innovation on show at Horizons forum

Competenz’s most forward-thinking customers shared their stories of innovation and the challenges of keeping pace with change at the inaugural Horizons forum in September.

Working at the heart of a unique network of business owners and leaders who are committed to skills training and focused on the future, we see common challenges in the area of workforce development. By bringing this network together, we wanted to encourage people to share their knowledge and explore potential solutions.



Sixty business leaders from around the country attended the event at Villa Maria Estate in Auckland to hear from Pernod Ricard Operations Manager Anthony Quinn, PMP Group Managing Editor Simon Ellis, Stainless Design CEO Peter Pooran and DB Breweries Talent and Organisational Development manager Melissa Muirhead.

The speakers showcased their latest innovative products and business models, and answered questions from the audience in a panel discussion hosted by MC Andrew Patterson, presenter of the NBR Sunday Business podcast.

The sheer pace of technological change was evident in a presentation from keynote speaker Frances Valintine. She presented a clear picture of the young people who will be joining the workforce in just a few years, and challenged employers to think about the benefits and difficulties this will present. Guests also heard a presentation from Paralympic medallist Liam Malone, who is passionate about ensuring young people are encouraged to explore all of the career opportunities available.

Our customers told us they valued the opportunity to share ideas and network with influencers from sectors they wouldn’t normally work with.

Horizons 2018

A series of Horizons events are planned for 2018. These events will focus on broad sectors and the workforce development opportunities and challenges facing them in the coming years. In particular, how to continue to attract people into growing and aging workforces; how to continually embed up-skilling (or re-skilling) to keep pace with industry and technology change; and how to promote innovation through diversifying their workforce.