Business Strategy - Accelerate 2020



Our 2020 Strategy has five key objectives

Accelerate 2020 is designed to help support the delivery of our 2020 Strategy. It is the collective name the projects we want to progress in order to deliver the 2020 vision for Competenz.

  • Skills innovators – delivering extra value to customers though leading edge products and services and increasing non-funded (commercial revenue) to invest in learner support
  • Learners for life – growth of learners through pathways from school to industry and beyond supported by flexible and tailored service
  • Skills partner – growth of employers through whole of workforce development and tailored solutions and services
  • Smart, agile, and truly customer centric – systems and processes that are smart and efficient, simplify and make it easier for customers to interact with us
  • People with attitude – passionate about our customers and empowered to deliver.

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Five core projects to achieve

By streamlining our systems and processes we can spend our face-to-face time where it’s really needed – solving complex problems, supporting complex learner needs and enabling learners to complete.

Easy to understand pricing
Easy to explain pricing frameworks that support a sustainable business.

New products and services
Deliver extra value to customers and increase non-funded (commercial) revenue.

Match customers to the right service level
Support the employer experience with the right solutions and services.

Increase learner success
Support learner outcomes with the right solutions and services.

Digital systems to simplify and help us to be more efficient
Technology platforms to enable faster, more accurate administration and make it easy for your customers to interact with us.